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The work of the EU mission may be extended

25 / 10 / 2022

During the meeting of the de-facto government held on October 20, the de-facto prime minister spoke about the possible extension of the terms of the EU civilian mission. In particular, it was said: “From the beginning, it is planned that the observation mission will work for two months. And in our field of expertise, there are opinions that we should extend the period of the observation mission or try to make the observation mission permanent. I’m not sure about that, but it’s a topic that’s being discussed in our public and professional circles anyway. If we see such an opportunity and necessity, we do not rule out that we will study the problem more deeply.”

Extending this mission, the effectiveness of which is in serious doubt is at least unwise. Speaking about the pseudo-expert community without pointing out the expert and objective opinions that speak about the ineffectiveness of this mission and its risk in some aspects, the de facto government proves once again that its main goal is not at all the promotion of RA state interests. And the risks are primarily related to the fact that third forces are approaching the region, particularly the Armenian-Iranian border, whose presence is unacceptable for our natural ally. Thus, the de facto Armenian side once again drives a wedge between Armenia and its beneficiaries.

The statement-comment of the de-facto prime minister in the same speech is also noteworthy. “I need to report with pleasure that the partners of the European Union reacted very promptly and made decisions, and the preparatory group is already in Armenia, already working, as you know, it is being covered.”

The statement is remarkable to the extent that the same de-facto prime minister, being the head of the CSTO presiding country, does not call a meeting and does not pursue the sending of the CSTO mission to the Armenian-Azerbaijani contact line. In this way, not showing operativeness and then criticizing the CSTO and Russia through the lips of the de-facto Foreign Minister and other government officials, the de-facto Prime Minister speaks out about the EU partners who miraculously demonstrated an operative style while continuing to drive a wedge into Armenian-Russian relations.

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