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The “reliable source”, the peace agenda, and the information monopoly

05 / 10 / 2022

October 3 can be marked in the Armenian social network calendar with the code “reliable source”. On that day, the family newspaper of the de-facto Prime Minister of RA published an article with the same inscription, where, according to the “unknown” author, Azerbaijan’s demands from Armenia were stated. Moreover, the “Reliable Source” “threatens” to reveal the expectations of Russia, the USA, Iran, and the EU.

At the same time, RA Deputy Minister of Justice Grigor Minasyan, referring to the video of the shooting of Armenian prisoners of war that was actively circulating on the Internet, said that “the video proves that we need peace before the day.” Several small and medium caliber civil contract party MPs also produced texts with a similar logic.

Now let’s try to connect the above pieces of information and get the image created in the Armenian information field and understand by whom and why it was created.

The de-facto Prime Minister of RA, acting under the actual stage pseudonym “Reliable Source”, first once again threatens the Armenian people with a possible war, then presents a list of vital concessions, adding that “in order to achieve comprehensive peace with Azerbaijan, these issues must be addressed”, and finally keeps the intrigue with the logic of a special yellow press journalist, promising to continue the series. In other words, the path of final destruction for Armenia and Artsakh is presented as the path of “comprehensive peace with Azerbaijan”, and if all that is not done, the Armenian people are threatened with war. If we accept that this is exactly what the enemy has put on the negotiation table, then the de-facto Prime Minister of Armenia assumes the role of the Azerbaijani side’s mouthpiece and blackmails the Armenian people. Meanwhile, if there was a person representing the Armenian interests instead of an Azerbaijani microphone at the negotiating table, the picture would have been completely different.

Well, the ordinary ministers-deputies set out to present the horrifying video shared the previous day as proof of the need for “peace” proposed by their leader, carrying out the next act of subjecting the people to informational terrorism, which in itself is a mockery of reason and morality. In other words, if we do not give up everything possible and impossible, there will be no peace. There will be no peace, and shootings of prisoners of war will continue. However, the latest war unleashed by Azerbaijan against the population of Armenia, with all its territorial and human losses, is a direct consequence of the “peace” agenda proposed by the de facto government of Armenia.

Thus, it is necessary to record that once again the de-facto authorities of RA are subjecting the Armenian people to information terrorism, threatening war on behalf of Adberjan, in case they do not make vital concessions. In fact, the peace they offer is like jumping out of an airplane without a hot air balloon, with the promise that it will lead to a safe and peaceful landing.

In the domestic political context, however, the main question is what is the alternative. What does the opposition propose, and more importantly, how will it deliver its proposal? The authorities, which established total manipulation in the information field, still manage to “cynically present” the path of destruction in front of the public as the path of “comprehensive peace”. Will the opposition be able to break through the information front and, if available, correctly formulate and present its own alternative…

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