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The parents of the fallen soldiers are subject to administrative responsibility

25 / 11 / 2022

The RA de-facto police appealed to the RA administrative court against the parents of the soldiers killed in the 44-day war and demanded that the court order the parents of the soldiers killed in the 44-day war Garik Galeyan, Gevorg Mnjoyan, Ashot Aslikyan, Anna Mkrtchyan, Armen Galstyan, Aram Avanesyan, Mesrop Yeghiazaryan, Vigen subject Azatyan, Yervand Tashchyan, Igor Sargsyan, Vahid Sahakyan, Ani Karapetyan, Grigor Javakhyan, Gegham Antonyan, Vardan Ghazaryan to administrative responsibility as required by Article 182 of the RA Code. “Zhoghovurd” daily newspaper informs about this.

Let’s remind that on the day of independence, September 21, during the visit of the de facto prime minister and his junta to “Yerablur”, the parents of the fallen servicemen, who gathered there to prevent the entry of the de facto authorities to Yerablur, were forcibly detained. The red berets, regardless of gender or age, grabbed the hands and feet of their parents and dragged them to open the door for the de facto junta.

2 months have passed since that incident and until now no one has been held accountable in the criminal proceedings. On the occasion of the fight that took place in the “Yerablur” military pantheon, an official investigation was started in the Internal Security Department of the RA Police. “Zhoghovurd” daily wrote that the official investigation was suspended because of the shameful incident in “Yerablur” on September 21, 2022. That no policeman or commanding officer has been held accountable in the criminal case initiated only a few days after the incident. It should be noted that there are parents whose physical injuries have been confirmed by expert examination, the parents have been recognized as victims, but no one has been held responsible to date.

Every time it seems that the de facto authorities have already crossed the maximum threshold of immorality, a new crime is announced by the silent implementation of their puppets. Only the fact of abusing the parents of the fallen servicemen is a disgrace in itself, and the order to bring them to administrative responsibility proves that the state has turned into a theater of the whims of a criminal group that seized power, an atmosphere of impunity has been created in the country, which encourages new crimes, the number of which has increased recently.

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