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The main consequences of the illegal closure of the Berdzor Corridor

14 / 12 / 2022

Artsakh is under siege by the enemy for the 3rd day already. The gas supply is stopped, and the hostile “activists” not only do not leave but their ranks are replenished with new ones. “Armenian Wave” presents 10 important conclusions that should be made in this situation.

1. Artsakh cannot be part of Azerbaijan. That issue should be removed from the negotiation agenda.

 2. Azerbaijan and Turkey continue the genocidal policy. create conditions in which the local population will either die or be forced to leave their homes.

3. Azerbaijan does not treat the population of Nagorno Karabakh as its citizens. turning off the gas in winter, and illegally closing the humanitarian corridor are inhumane steps that none of them act towards their own “citizens”.

4. Azerbaijan does not seek the peace agenda. This is a de facto refusal to negotiate. The illegal closure of the corridor proves that Baku is not able to fulfill its obligations.

5. An alternative way of communication is needed: Stepanakert airport or Karvachar road.

6. Until now, only the peacekeepers are preventing ethnic cleansing against Armenians in Artsakh. However, the latter does not fully cope, therefore, it is necessary to specify and expand the mandate of peacekeepers, including the possibility of using force in the event of a threat to security.

7. The illegal closure of the corridor was organized by the special services of Azerbaijan, who manage the situation on the spot. The presence of the Azerbaijani army and armed police proves that this is not a peaceful action, but a state-organized act of ethnic cleansing.

8. If Azerbaijan is not severely punished now, this will become a dangerous precedent.

9. Ordinary statements by the international community cannot prevent a humanitarian disaster. That is why other pressure tools are needed.

10. Additional security guarantees for the Armenians of Artsakh are needed. For decades, the role of this guarantee was effectively carried out by the Artsakh Defense Army and the Armed Forces of Armenia.

Ph.D. Oriental studies Sergei Melkonyan

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