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The enemy tandem is intensively arming

07 / 09 / 2022

On September 6 in Azerbaijan started The 4th “ADEX 2022” international defense exhibition in which was presented about 208 companies.For participating exhibition the Chief of General Staff Yashar Guler arrived Azerbaijan.

In his welcoming speech address to the participants of the exhibition, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev noted: “Azerbaijan’s “historic victory” showed that in order to achieve the goals set in the military sphere, it is extremely important to take consistent and targeted measures to build a modern army, strengthen the country’s military power for.

The Republic of Azerbaijan always attaches special importance to strengthening the combat readiness of its armed forces and strengthening their logistical base. In the coming period, we will further strengthen the armed forces of Azerbaijan and the defense capability of our country, paying special attention to the production of modern weapons, military equipment, munitions and other material means.”

During the exhibition, the Minister of Military Industry of Azerbaijan, Madat Guliyev, speaking about cooperation with Turkey and Israel in the military sphere, said: “Azerbaijan continues cooperation with both Turkish and Israeli companies. We are working with Turkey on such a weapon, which is calculated for the next 10-15 years. In other words, we are looking at the future. It is the order of the head of state.”

During the exhibition, for the first time, the innovative complex of defensive fortifications, which has already been deployed in Artsakh temporarily occupied by Azerbaijan, was shown for the first time “to strengthen border security in order to ensure the safety of soldiers”.

While the leader of a hostile country is announcing to the world how important it is to strengthen the modern army and to constantly update its logistical base in the current global arms race, the de facto authorities of RA are consistently busy disbanding the armed forces and destroying the country’s defense capabilities. Against the background of intense militarization going on all over the world, the refusal of compulsory military service and the release from the army for money are nothing but a conspiratorial plan to destroy the national defense, and therefore also to destroy the state as a sovereign entity.

The head of the hostile state openly declares that he will continue arming himself even more intensively, buying and producing modern weapons. It is obvious that Azerbaijan is not only preparing for the “era of peace” with the same “enthusiasm”, but also equipping and preparing the army for future military aggressions, small-scale scenarios of which are regularly carried out on the border without receiving an adequate response.

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