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The enemy has declared a state on the territory of the Republic of Armenia

22 / 09 / 2022

Several Turkish newspapers report that on September 7, the first representative office of the so-called “Goycha (Sevan)-Zangezur Turkish Republic of Western Azerbaijan” was opened in Ankara. Moreover, the self-proclaimed “republic” also has a president and a vice president, Rizvan Talibov and Mehmet Ali Arslan. The “Vice President” stated in his speech during the opening ceremony: “From 1918 to our days, during 100 years, the captured lands in the Ottoman territory and that sword stuck in our chest like a sword, today, here we take it out, to never return to that dark page of history.”

It should be noted that the “establishment declaration” of the infamous “Sevan-Zangezur Turkish Republic of Western Azerbaijan” was adopted on March 10, 2021, by the decision of the Higher Consultative Council of the “Union of Return to Western Azerbaijan”.

With this move, Azerbaijan is openly implying that it aims to conquer not only to recognize all of Artsakh as a part of Azerbaijan and force the opening of the sinister “Zangezur Corridor”, but also plans to occupy the entire territory of Armenia. And judging by the periodic aggressions unleashed by Azerbaijan, this plan is being implemented step by step without meeting the resistance of the de facto authorities of RA and the pressure of the international community.

This is another unconcealed expression of ambitions by Azerbaijan towards the internationally recognized territory of Armenia, accompanied by already practical steps, which is a gross violation of the international principle of territorial integrity of the state. One of the goals of the verbal threats and practical steps taken so far is to ensure the legitimacy of the occupation of these territories at the public level and justify their “Azerbaijaniness”. Needless to say, the RA de facto authorities did not respond in any way to the openly anti-Armenian steps not only of the establishment of this organization but also of the opening of its representation.

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