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Russian peacekeepers will not leave the Lachin corridor

18 / 08 / 2022

Advisor-ambassador of the Russian Embassy, ​​Maxim Seleznyov, stated that the Russian peacekeepers will not leave the Lachin Corridor until the so-called “alternative” road is ready for operation. In particular, it was noted that “they will not move a centimeter until there is a new corridor”.

M. Seleznyov also emphasized that there is an agreement in this regard and the parties are in contact. However, it is not clarified what the agreement is and between which parties it was reached.“They will move only when the new Lachine corridor is open. The tripartite statement mentions these steps, the order of the steps: first the corridor is built, and only then it starts working, the Russian peacekeepers occupy the five-kilometer corridor around that road,” said the diplomat.

It should be reminded that until August 25, the local population was given time to vacate the Lachin corridor, particularly Berdzor and Aghavno. And the Armenian part of the road imposed on us by the tripartite capitulation agreement is still not ready.The infrastructures that should feed the entire Artsakh are also not ready, because the existing ones will come under Azerbaijani control together with the Lachin Corridor.

After M. Seleznyov’s statement, it is also unclear between whom the agreement was reached to set August 25 as the deadline, and what is the reason for such haste.

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