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Where are the funds from the state budget directed?

14 / 02 / 2023

We have heard many times how the de facto authorities are spending astronomically on official vehicles, new patrols, so-called “reforms”, bonuses, and the recently scandalous wiretapping. We are talking, in particular, about the Israeli program “Pegasus”, which only states have the right to acquire and which is “not a cheap pleasure”.

A question arises. and what did the de facto authorities do for the army during that time? What significant reforms have taken place in the army, what important weapons have been purchased, and how much has the equipment of our positions improved during this period? Let us say in advance that the transition to a “professional army” and Indian weapons that have not yet reached Armenia cannot be included in the list of serious reforms.

“Armenian Wave” presents this painful situation to you through clear figures and images. Such a depiction of reality may help our compatriots to have a more accurate and comprehensive understanding of the situation in the country, as well as to clearly realize the fact that there are resources in any situation, but in the case of the de facto authorities, there is no political will to use these resources for the benefit of the motherland.

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