Justifying the unforgivable

01 / 10 / 2022

After the capitulation statement signed on November 9, 2020, the de-facto Prime Minister of RA made an absurd statement, according to which the signing of the capitulation saved the lives of 25,000-30,000 soldiers. This person, counting the lives of the soldiers who gave the most precious thing to the motherland – life, with “plus-minus 50” and keeping their remains in a miserable condition in the basements, chose the role of “life saver” as a legitimization of defeat.

Shushi’s conspiratorial handover legitimized the same person from the RA de facto NA tribune, labeling the fortress city “unfortunate and ugly” and questioning its Armenianness. History is silent about why that person did not think about the need to save the lives of those killed in battles for Shushi in this case.


And this person justified the failure of the negotiation process, giving the enemy legitimate reasons for starting a war in the eyes of the international community, and rejecting the cease-fire proposals with much less losses during the war with the actual self-confessed statement “if I didn’t do that, you would call me a traitor.” In other words, thousands of victims and a huge part of the motherland were the price of not calling that person a traitor, and that person consciously decided to pay that price.

During the previous two years, when Azerbaijan was preparing for war without hiding its goals, the de facto authorities of RA prepared the people for “peace”, demoralized and finally disbanded the army, did not deepen relations with existing allies and did not take advantage of opportunities to cooperate with potential allies. In essence, the Armenian people were consciously led to the second big capitulation, which will most likely bear the deceptive name of “peace treaty”. Now the war unleashed by Azerbaijan against Armenia, combined with the rotating thesis of “peace treaty” in the public discourse and the assertion that is the result of government propaganda “let whatever be given, only let there be peace”, gives reasons to think that after a short time the RA de-facto National Assembly from the podium, we will hear another cynical excuse about why it was necessary to sign a “peace agreement” and give up Artsakh once and for all, to hand over the “Zangezur Corridor” and that it would not be possible to achieve peace without all of that.

And all this until the next war, the next victims, the next concessions, and the next excuses. And so until that person is acquitted not from the chair of the accused, but from the RA’s number one political tribune.

Knarik Jalatyan

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