How to succeed in the national struggle?

09 / 08 / 2022

These are the necessary but not sufficient steps, which should be realized and oriented by the national forces to achieve success.

⦁ The majority of the RA population, not to mention the Diaspora, gets an idea of ​​the current situation in Armenia and Artsakh primarily from those sources, which, if not directly, then mediated, incessantly and on an industrial scale, repeat the theses and stories created by the capitulators about the situation. This is proven by science and dozens of facts. Capitulants have absolute superiority in the information field. Absolutely.

⦁ Unfortunately, until now, the national forces have not created the necessary mechanisms to convey the real picture of the situation to the majority of the public, in other words, to inform them. They didn’t create it, that’s why there is no awareness of the real state of the situation in the public and, accordingly, an adequate response.

⦁ The incessant lumping of people (who make up a few percent of any society) by the national forces, pointing to the collective image of the people, not only distorts the situation, but is also a guaranteed cause of defeat. The vast majority of the public, in different ways, understands that the situation is problematic, but no more work is done to direct that perception to the right actions.

⦁ Almost no work is done with an ordinary Armenian person. Most national forces limit themselves to posting on Facebook or giving interviews to less influential media. It is blogging, oppositional blogging, but not politics. Politicians and organizations have to do hard work every day, of which social media posts are only a part. Regional, community daily work has no alternative to face to face with people. Without it, the demonstration will not only have a small number, but also will not have the necessary result.

⦁ The national forces should be not only the organizer of the struggle, but also an example in that struggle, which others will follow. By unnecessarily accusing the people, that struggle will not only not win, but it will not even start. It is necessary to “sow the salt” and “cultivate the grain” following the example of Christ. The people have an elite whose first and foremost task is to take care of the needs of the people. If it does not do this under any pretext, then it is no longer an elite.

If these points are guidelines, then our struggle will be easier, and the effectiveness of the steps taken will immediately increase. The actual problem of national forces is not technical, it is ideological. And the rest are more technical issues that can be solved. Without them, we will not succeed either now or in two years.

                                                                                                                                                                                            Ph.D., Turkologist Varuzhan Geghamyan


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