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Grigori Khachaturov was arrested

22 / 02 / 2023


The motion to detain Grigory Khachaturov was rejected. The decision to reject the petition was made by Anti-Corruption Court judge Tigran Davtyan. G. Khachaturov will be released from the courtroom.

The former commander of the 3rd Army Corps, Major General Grigory Khachaturov was arrested by the order of the RA de facto criminal administration.

On February 20, General Grigory Khachaturov was arrested by the National Security Service’s investigative department to be brought to court. The latter is accused of “using an official position to legalize particularly large real estate acquired through criminal means (money laundering)”.

The isolation of General Khachaturov, the symbol of the victorious Tavush battles, by the de-facto authorities is logical on the way to the successive steps to destroy and decapitate the army. Perhaps, Khachaturov’s image prevented the de-facto authorities from injecting the public with hostile theses regarding the impotence of the RA army and the treachery of the officers.

Since 2018, Grigory Khachaturov and his father, Colonel-General Yuri Khachaturov, have clearly expressed their political position regarding the situation in the country, various processes in the Armed Forces, the purposeful disbandment of the army, the defeat of the 44-day war, and the treacherous actions of the de facto prime minister.

It should also be noted that during the Resistance movement, Igor Khachaturov, the youngest son of Yuri Khachaturov, was arrested for political reasons.


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