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From self-determination of peoples to neo-colonialism

01 / 10 / 2022

Armenian Wave presents to you the main 27 points of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s speech on September 30 in one sentence.

1. Joining Russia is the desire of people living in 4 new regions.

2. Historical context.

3. Violence against the local Russian-speaking population.

4. We call on the Kiev regime to return to the negotiating table, but we will not discuss the election of the residents of Donetsk, Luhansk, Kherson, and Zaporozhye.

5. The great liberating mission of the Russian people is emphasized.

6. The collective West is willing to cross all lines to maintain hegemony.

7. That is why they are so aggressive towards independent states and traditional values.

8. Our thought and philosophy are a direct threat to the West, that’s why they make assassination attempts against our philosophers.

9. They don’t need Russia, we need it.

10. The West breaks all promises.

11. Where do the rules announced by the West come from?

12. It was the West that violated the principle of inviolability of borders, and now it decides at its own discretion who has the right to self-determination and who does not.

13. The Western elite has remained as it was, colonialist.

14. They even try to blame their own historical sins on the peoples of the whole world.

15. The West finally caught up to Russian wealth in the late 20th century, when the state was completely crushed.

16. At that time we were called “friends”, but we were treated as a colony.

17. The unipolar world order is inherently anti-democratic and unfree.

18. With the dual use of atomic weapons and the destruction of Japanese cities, the West has set a precedent.

19. The USA actually occupied Germany, Japan, and the Republic of Korea and cynically calls them equal partners.

20. The American government uses the suffering of other people to weaken its opponents.

21. The European elites understand this very well, but they prefer to serve someone else’s interests.

22. The Anglo-Saxons switched to direct sabotage (referring to the leakage of the gas pipeline – ed.).

23. You will not feed anyone with propaganda, you will not heat the houses (referring to the population of Europe – ed.).

24. It is obvious that the existing neo-colonial system is doomed, but its owners will do everything to cling to that system until the end because they have nothing else to offer the world.

25. LGBT, heterosexuality, to whom Russia offers an alternative to traditional values.

26. We see that the number of countries that are ready to fight against this neo-colonialism is increasing, and their subjectivity is increasing.

27. We are fighting for our people, for great, historic Russia.

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