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Blurred wording directed against Artsakh

02 / 12 / 2022

On November 8, 2022, the National Assembly of Azerbaijan adopted a statement calling on the de facto parliament of Armenia to accept the 5 points proposed by Azerbaijan, which implies a new capitulation. The de facto authorities of RA did not respond to that statement. The “Armenia Alliance” came up with an initiative, according to which the RA de-facto parliament is proposed to adopt a statement in response to the statement of the National Assembly of Azerbaijan on November 8.

 RA NA “Armenia Alliance” deputy, ARF member Kristine Vardanyan made a post on her Facebook page, which specifically states:

“There is no internal political assessment in our statement. There are only a few important confirmations that

⦁ The right to self-determination of the people of Artsakh cannot be limited.

⦁ The Republic of Armenia is also committed to protecting the rights of Armenians living in Artsakh.

⦁ Azerbaijan acts in parallel with Turkey, continuing the policy of the threat of force and its use.”

The Civil Contract has proposed its changes to this wording in writing. In the pictures below, we can see how the wording “Republic of Artsakh” has been deleted, and the phrase “territories occupied by Azerbaijan” has been replaced by “remaining under control”. The lines regarding Turkey’s support for Azerbaijan and conducting anti-Armenian policy met the same fate, as well as the fact that Azerbaijan still does not allow searching for missing persons.

“There is no explanation why the words “Republic of Artsakh” should be deleted from the text and the words “Armenia of Nagorno-Karabakh” should be written instead… Let me remind you that in the Civil Contract election platform they said that after being elected, they are committed to achieving the de-occupation of the occupied territories of Artsakh through negotiations.” – said the deputy.

Once again, we are convinced that the de facto authorities do not have the political will and desire to fight for the status of Artsakh and to undertake the protection of Artsakh Armenians. On the contrary, it became known yesterday that even when there was a real opportunity to discuss the status of Artsakh with Azerbaijan, the de facto authorities deliberately thwarted those discussions, actually recognizing Artsakh as part of Azerbaijan. Judging by the totality of these steps, it is obvious that the goal is to gradually forget Artsakh and abandon Artsakh once and for all by defeating the negotiation process.

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