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13 / 09 / 2022

About 15 hours have passed since the large-scale night attack of Azerbaijan. What do you need to know right now?

⦁ On the night of September 13, Azerbaijan started another round of war against Armenia.

⦁ This September conspiratorial attack is unprecedented in its scope and significance after September 2020, so it can definitely be described as a WAR (rather than just “provocation”, “attack”, “border tension” and others).

⦁ Azerbaijan is openly waging this war against the Republic of Armenia and in the territory of the Republic of Armenia, the internationally recognized territory of Armenia. It is a fact that was announced by the de-facto leadership of both Azerbaijan and Armenia.

⦁ Moreover, all the actions of the de facto leadership of RA are based on war logic (e.g. turning to international structures), so it is at least strange why the word “war” is not used.

⦁ The Azerbaijani attack proceeds in 6 main directions.In the east and northeast of Gegharkunik (Vardenis, Sotk, Kut, Martuni, Geghamasar), in the north of Vayots Dzor (Jermuk), almost along the Syunik front (from Ishkhanasar to Goris and to Kapan). Fighting continues in almost all directions. This is an unprecedentedly large scale.

⦁ Azerbaijan keeps under fire not only Armenian defensive positions, but also civilian infrastructure, from houses to emergency vehicles. We have at least 49 victims, in fact, that number is more (the de-facto prime minister also admitted this).

⦁ Azerbaijan and Turkey pursue three main goals with this war: force the de facto leadership of Armenia to sign the destructive agreement for Armenia (the so-called “Peace Agreement”), seize new territories from Armenia, especially those that fall into the so-called “Zangezur Corridors”, get a new dominant position in Armenia in order to go even deeper into the territory of Armenia and conquer new territories if possible.

⦁ The war continues.

⦁ It continues with losses for us, but it can be stopped if there is enough will. The de facto government does not have this, it also does not have a clear political plan, knowledge, skill and relied on the favor of Azerbaijanis, which, as you understand, does not exist and will not happen.

⦁ Therefore, it remains to form a national government and work in the direction of nationwide mobilization. Without it, new territorial and human losses are inevitable.

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