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Azerbaijan threatens Iran

08 / 11 / 2022

Azerbaijani media are spreading information that in several cities of the Iranian Autonomous Region, in Tabriz and Ardabil, young people are holding demonstrations and posting posters with the image of Ilham Aliyev and various inscriptions, such as “South Azerbaijan is on your side, Mr. President” or “The state of Azerbaijan is also ours, you are also our president. We are all one/united/great Azerbaijan.”

It is necessary to note that this group acting on behalf of the youth is a radical group imbued with pan-Turkist ideas, financed by Turkey and Azerbaijan, which manifests separatist aspirations and demands the unification of current Azerbaijan and “Southern Azerbaijan” (Iranian Independence).

And on November 2, the special forces of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, under the leadership of Lieutenant-General Hikmet Mirzoev, started military exercises in the southern parts of Azerbaijan, on the border with Iran. According to the exercise plan, the Special Forces will carry out several tasks, interacting with units of the Air Force and Missile Forces. On November 3, the Minister of Defense of Azerbaijan Zakir Hasanov, and Lieutenant General Bakhtiyar Ersay of the Special Command Group representing the Turkish Armed Forces in Azerbaijan visited the southern regions to observe the course of military exercises.

Speaking about Bakhtiyar Ersa, it is necessary to emphasize his participation in the operations of the operational command center of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces during the third Artsakh war, which once again proves the active involvement of Turkey in the war. Ersay personally participated in the organization of military operations against Artsakh and was accountable to the military and political leadership of Turkey.

It is noteworthy that military exercises are being conducted on the Iranian border after Iran conducted large-scale military exercises on October 17 in the border areas with Azerbaijan near the Araks River, in which the ground forces of the Revolutionary Guards Corps took part, military helicopters, drones were also involved. and shock weapons. It is the third large-scale military exercise held on the border of Azerbaijan after the third Artsakh war.

Let’s remind that during the last two months, the Iranian side, in response to the local and large-scale aggression unleashed by Azerbaijan on the Armenian-Azerbaijani contact line, has repeatedly announced through almost all official circles that any change of the Armenian-Iranian border is unacceptable for Iran. And recently, the opening of the Iranian consulate in Kapan began to be actively discussed in the Turkish media and began to circulate as if the opening of the Turkish consulate in Shushi, was temporarily occupied by Azerbaijan. The Armenian-Iranian friendship and the steps taken by Iran worry the Turkish-Azerbaijani tandem, which, taking advantage of Iran’s already unstable internal political situation, is trying to create artificial tension in the northwestern part of Iran and provoke anti-government sentiments.


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