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Azerbaijan again talks about 4000 missing people

23 / 08 / 2022

Azerbaijan International Relations Analysis Center is preparing to organize a special event on the occasion of the International Day of Missing Persons (August 30).

This was announced by the chairman of the International Relations Analysis Center, Farid Shafiev, at the round table entitled “Lachin: New stage in the post-conflict period”.

Shafiev once again touched on the thesis so neglected by the Azerbaijani propaganda – 4 thousand people who disappeared during the first Artsakh war. about Azerbaijanis and noted that “President Aliyev constantly draws attention to this issue during various meetings. That’s why we should always pay attention to it” [1].

The Azerbaijani side, constantly raising the issue of those who went missing during the first war, is trying to create an image of the victim in the eyes of the international community, gaining the moral right to delay the return of the Armenian prisoners of the 44-day war. They are also trying to put a sign of equality between themselves and Armenian prisoners and, why not, to close the issue of Armenian prisoners and remove it from the agenda in general. Meanwhile, the de-facto Prime Minister of RA and the de-facto authorities removed the issue from their agenda a long time ago. And unlike the Azerbaijani side, they do not use various instances and platforms to raise the issue of prisoners.As of today, no real effort is being made at the executive level to address the issue of early return of prisoners. Meanwhile, it is one of the mandatory points to be implemented in the tripartite declaration of November 9.

[1] The Center for Analysis of International Relations will hold an event dedicated to the missing Azerbaijanis,

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