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Arms to Ukraine, and Istanbul Convention to us

02 / 12 / 2022

NATO Secretary General Jans Stoltenberg said during a question-and-answer session following the meeting of foreign ministers held in Bucharest on November 29 that “NATO considers the permanent supply of arms to Kyiv as the only way to peace in Ukraine.” Earlier in his speech, Stoltenberg also mentioned that achieving lasting peace is impossible if the aggressor wins.

In this context, it is necessary to emphasize that EU Ambassador Andrea Victorin, who is part of the collective West, said on the same day, November 29, “It is time for Armenia to ratify the Istanbul Convention, which offers an environment and legal framework for struggle. Together, we must confront those people who say that this policy is wrong. A clear anti-discrimination legal framework is needed. This is what we need here in Armenia.”

These two statements are clear indicators of what plans the collective West has in which country. The presence of an aggressor neighbor in Armenia is not identified as a problem in any way. On the contrary, the pioneers of the peace agenda with the aggressor Azerbaijan are the Western mediators. On the other hand, the ratification of the Istanbul Convention and the united resistance to the citizens who are against it are on the priority list of the EU ambassador. It turns out that lasting peace can be achieved with the aggressor Azerbaijan, and Armenia does not need support in the fight against the latter. At the same time, in the case of Ukraine, the West clearly states that the supply of weapons is the only real way to achieve peace.

All this, however, can be surprising only for those who still have illusions about the policies of Western countries, Armenia, and other post-Soviet countries. Meanwhile, it has been repeatedly proven that the anti-Russian agenda was the most important and sometimes even the only guidepost of the collective Western policy in the post-Soviet countries. That is the reason why in the case of Ukraine, where weapons will be directed against Russia, supplying weapons is considered a way to achieve peace, and in the case of Armenia, where the enemy is Azerbaijan, and Russia is an ally, signing a peace treaty with Azerbaijan at the expense of vital interests.


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