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“Armenia should compensate with its territories”. Azerbaijani MP

15 / 10 / 2022

Elman Mamedov, a deputy of the ruling “New Azerbaijan” party in Azerbaijan, stated that if Armenia “does not have the means to pay the compensation, it can be paid in territories or other ways.”

Declaring that there have been such cases throughout the history of mankind, Mamedov stated: “Today, Armenia, which is already poor, is not able to pay us compensation for 100 billion dollars. If the Azerbaijani side and its leadership agree on this issue, they can submit such a demand.”

At the end of his speech, the deputy formulated Azerbaijan’s long-term state plan and aspirations. “The entire territory of today’s state called “Armenia” is our historical land. What interests us today is the Zangezur corridor, which we claim. For example, we can claim the entire West Zangezur region and other regions. However, I think it is appropriate to start from Western Zangezur.”

It should be noted that under the wording “Western Zangezur” the RA Syunik region is meant.

As long as there is no adequate response from the RA de-facto authorities to similar threatening statements, territorial ambitions, and regular large-scale wars and local conflicts unleashed on the border, Azerbaijan’s appetite will only double. Today, already in Azerbaijan, at various levels, they openly announce the intention to occupy the whole of Armenia and declare an illegal republic in the sovereign territory of the Republic of Armenia. And neither the so-called international community nor the norms of international law are anything in the modern world if you do not oppose the use of force with force and do not show political will and persistence.

Today we have the opposite picture. when the enemy uses force and occupies the sovereign territory of RA, the de-facto authorities turn to the international community with calls for condemnation, while the enemy openly arms and strengthens the army, the de-facto administration conspires to disband the army, depriving the country of its ability to defend itself. While the enemy is strengthening alliances and gaining new allies, including in both Europe and Central Asia, we are poisoning relations with few allies, not to mention the lack of effective engagement with potential allies in the Middle East and the Balkans.

Therefore, when today the existence of our state is put in front of international organizations that have no real coercion and pursue their interests, we should not only expect that statements containing similar violations will become more widespread day by day, but also that they will be implemented and confirmed by force.


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