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Another Demand of Azerbaijan

13 / 07 / 2022

On July 5, the presentation of the study of “The fate of the Tepebashi district, the last remnant of the national-cultural and historical heritage of Azerbaijan in Yerevan, the destruction of the heritage of the Azerbaijani nation and the elimination of historical traces” was held in Azerbaijan.

It is noted that “Tepebaşi” (Kond) district is one of the historical districts of the “ancient Irevan city”, whose ruins have been preserved to this day”. Based on the research, the book of the same name was also published, which included the research materials and “archival documents that testify to the belonging of the Tepebaşi district to the Azerbaijani nation and the last monuments there that are being destroyed.” In his speech, Fariz Khalili, the president of “Miras” cultural heritage research support society, noted.

“It is necessary to approach Yerevan and its cultural heritage within the framework of international conventions.”Huseinov also stated: “The Blue Mosque is the only surviving mosque in Yerevan today. That mosque was located in Tepebaşi city district.” He considered it unacceptable that the representatives of Iran consider the Blue Mosque an Iranian mosque and noted that “the Blue Mosque should be recognized in the world as an Azerbaijani mosque.”

During the presentation, it was also known that a number of Azerbaijani scientists and public representatives appealed to UNESCO Director General Audrey Azoulay. In the document, which is a complete distortion of historical facts and an attempt to justify Azerbaijan’s claims to Armenian territories, the authors ask UNESCO to send a mission to the “Tepebaşi” district of Yerevan and hope that “the activities of the UNESCO mission will not be hindered in Armenia.”

On the eve of this event, on July 4, “Material and cultural heritage on the historical lands of Azerbaijan” was held. The presentation of the book “From Yerevan to Zangezur” was also attended by the Minister of Culture of Azerbaijan Anar Karimov. The latter expressed dissatisfaction with UNESCO, considering it a politicized organization, because it did not send a mission to Armenia to study the “destruction of Azerbaijan’s cultural heritage in Armenia” and turned a blind eye to “the evidence of the destruction of historical and cultural monuments during the occupation of Azerbaijani lands.”

Armenian version of the article available here.

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