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A new batch of aid to the enemy

16 / 02 / 2023

Vahan Hunanyan, the de-facto press secretary of the RA MFA, reports on his Twitter page:

“Armenia continues to send humanitarian aid to the regions affected by the earthquake.

At night, the trucks loaded with the second batch of humanitarian aid crossed the Armenian-Turkish border through the Margara bridge.

Yesterday it also became known that RA de facto Foreign Minister Ararat Mirzoyan will visit Turkey today to express his sympathy and meet with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu. And again yesterday it became known that a soldier was wounded by enemy fire.

Let’s remind that Artsakh has been surrounded by the enemy for more than 2 months, and the only road connecting Artsakh to Armenia is closed. With the direct support of Turkey, Azerbaijan is subjecting 120,000 Artsakh Armenians to humanitarian terror by regularly stopping gas supply in winter conditions. The de facto authorities of RA are not taking any effective steps to prevent the genocide of the Artsakh Armenians, apart from relying on the toothless appeals and condemnations of the international community.

Instead, the de-facto administration hastened to help Turkey, whose attitude towards Armenia was “unequivocally hostile” and was publicly acknowledged by the de-facto chairman of the RA NA a few days ago. Both militarily and ideologically, Turkey supports all the crimes of Azerbaijan and has repeatedly expressed its solidarity with the closure of the Berdzor Corridor allegedly for “environmental” reasons. Therefore, shaking hands with the enemy today means supporting the genocide of Artsakh Armenians.

Let’s not forget to mention that during this period the de facto authorities did not take any effective step to deliver at least humanitarian aid to the Artsakh Armenians, while the ability and political will to send trucks across the closed Armenian-Turkish border were easily found.


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